Finally installed openSUSE

Last night, I downloaded the fifteen-minute old openSUSE 11.2 and burned the ISO to a disc. Booting up from the LiveCD, the first thing I noticed was the artwork. Sure, I had seen screenshots of it before, but using such a system was honestly a treat. The number of apps openSUSE and KDE had in the menus was a pleasant surprise too. :slight_smile:

Installation was straightforward and easy. Once it was installed, everything ‘just worked’. At first I thought the sound didn’t work, but doing some configuring in the mixer fixed that.
Boot speed was fast, almost as fast as Fedora… and I really liked the fact that was included by default, no need for browsing through repositories to install it.
Overall, it was a good experience… And as openSUSE calls itself, it was a ‘lot of fun’!

PS: I’m not new to Linux, and I have used Fedora 11 before. I just wanted to report back and tell how openSUSE was. No need to treat me like a newbie! :wink:

I am still evaluating 11.2 :slight_smile:

That means i will probably form a view of some sort after a month.

I had Windows 7 installed on my hard disk and let suse resize the partition. Both are bootable, so far so good lol!