Filter Failed Error on Xerox 6025 and Scanner not detected

Installed the .rpm shipped with the machine
And was able to add the printer
FYI: I am working with as a Network Printer. The printer is recognised fine. Scanner is not.
I was able to print a test page from the Printer Manager in KDE

Printing otherwise, over network or USB gets a Filter Failed error

On another machine, running Mint (No need to installed the provided .deb because it was available in the sources and installed automatically)
Printing works
Scanner though not detected

I recall this old thread concerning a similar WorkCentre model. Unfortunately, I’m not confident that SANE support exists, but you can try the approach I described there.

This is concerning. Try increasing the CUPS logging verbosity and send another print job.

D [24/Feb/2017:05:23:58 +0000] [Job 167] PID 4180 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/xcthp3m) crashed on signal 11.
D [24/Feb/2017:05:23:58 +0000] [Job 167] Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more

Some comprehensive CUPS debugging info in case you feel like rolling your sleeves up and running the filter chain by hand to investigate further…

Hi Carl

This page about using a Xerox WorkCentre’s ability to scan and send documents via FTP (with host running an FTP server) caught my interest and might work for you too…

More info

On another machine, running Mint (No need to installed the provided .deb because it was available in the sources and installed automatically)

This makes me wonder whether Mint is using a foomtatic driver perhaps. I note a similar WorkCentre 6015 model is listed here…
I wonder if this driver might also be suitable for the WorkCentre 6025 model. In any case it would be useful to examine the ppd in use in your Mint installation. Sometimes using a foomatic filter and ppd provides superior performance than a vendor-supplied driver for some hardware.

You 2 know way more about the system than I do so please excuse if this is a stupid suggestion.

I thought I had a scanner problem. It was detected but the results were really bad. I wondered if something automated was using the wrong sane back end as the problem looked to be down to resolution. I looked to see what YAST had to say which didn’t really help. My next thought was to open the manufacturers provided rpm to see where it had put things as I did find directory info on other distro’s about what goes where and what to do. The opensuse set up was entirely different.

As it turned out either a reboot, the use of YAST and not changing anything or running an install check provided by the manufacturers fixed things and it seem that there rpm had put things in place where opensuse could use them.

Maybe a look at the manufacturers rpm via ark might help?

On my set up Xsane shows the printer as DCP-9020CDW:net1.dev0. All I gave the installer was it fixed ip address that is on a 2ndry network. :slight_smile: It’s printer install didn’t do so well and placed it on USB even though I gave it the IP address. I had to fix that manually. There is no gateway for the 2ndry network on it’s own nic so that may be why it happened.


The vendor doesn’t provide SANE scanner drivers for this range of models. However, the network-attached device is apparently capable of scanning to email and via FTP, so no driver needed anyway.

It is using the 6015 you quote
I’ll have to check this out
Time is not something I have much of though

Yes, I thought that this might be the case.

Time is not something I have much of though

I guessed that might be the case too :slight_smile:

Printing now works in openSUSE

Now to figure the scanner :frowning:

That’s great to know. Good old foomatic! :slight_smile:

Now to figure the scanner :frowning:

I quite like the idea of enterprise scanners that can email or use FTP to deliver a PDF doc. The multifunction office Lexmark I have access to does the former which is convenient.

Apparently, scanning to a shared (network) folder is also supported (using samba)

Obviously I can stand at the unit and scan with it’s own control panel
I was wanting to get the Linux scan software such as simple-scan to recognise the scanner, but it doesn’t

It’s not explicitly listed as a supported model on the SANE supported scanner page. A long shot, but I wonder if it might still be worth a shot to try configuring /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf with the scanner IP address eg


then see if it can be contacted by simple-scan.

With it connected to USB I find using sane:
0x0924 0x42d3

I added those in to /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf
As both a USB and tcp device
Still no luck

As I feared. That limits your scanning options to those already described. It might be worth the effort to lean on Xerox for the required support.

Same situation as this user with 6015B model…

I have a multi function network printer scanner here.
Though it is not xerox, it is a brother printer.
When I upgraded to openSUSE leap 42.2, I find
the scanner to be slow via network scanning.
I decided to use the usb port. I was able to get the printer
running with the usb port but the scanner was not recognized by simple scan, xsane, scanlite etc.
until I added the lp to user and group.

That is always the case with USB-connected scanners. (The scanner device node is assigned to the ‘lp’ group (r/w access) by a udev rule.)

I’ll look at this but don’t hold out much hope

Fortunately now, I have printing working perfectly over the network. I rarely do scanning, but may just have to live with using grotty little scanner control pad

OK so I added as suggested user/group

I see this