File transfer from Android phone does not work

As long as I have Android smartphones, I have problems to copy files from my phone to my desktop computer. At this moment, I have a Samsung S20 smartphone with Android 12 and a Leap 15.4 system with Gnome.

The phone is recognized in File Manager, but when I try to copy files, things go wrong:

  • Files are not copied completely (e.g. photos only partly).
  • The copy stops, saying ‘no access’ to the file.
  • If I cancel the copy action, the system seems to hang.
  • Unmounting the phone takes a lot of time, or the system hangs.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Kind regards,

Thijs Bennis

unfortunately no , on my Samsung a52 i have no issues with the KDE desktop
did you by chance make an entry in fstab for it ?
i did not need to mess with fstab but if you did then that might be a issue

Use the KDE Plasma desktop and, KDE Connect: <;.

Look for GSConnect

Thank you for all the suggestions.

I try to get gsconnect working. I installed the gnome-shell-integration add-on in Firefox. However, it says I need to install the platform specific connector and gives a link to this page: Projects/GnomeShellIntegration/Installation - GNOME Wiki!

The first part (Distro packages) is about installing chrome-gnome-shell. That is already installed.

The second part (Meson installation) is about installing the browser connector.
The first command

$ git clone

works fine.
But the second command

$ meson --prefix=/usr builddir

gives an error:

Neither directory contains a build file

Maybe I need to replace ‘builddir’ with something else. But what?

I hope anyone can help me with this.

Kind regards,

Thijs Bennis