File transfer between computer and phone with KDEconnect

Hi All,

Have opened firewall port for KDEconnect. The phone can see my laptop now and is paired also. Can transfer files from phone to laptop. The GUI for KDEconnect (indicator-kdeconnect) is not available for Leap-42.3.Had installed the one meant for Leap-42.2. But that did not open.

But, what is the command for transfer from laptop to phone?

Help would be appreciated.


I take it from your above comments re indicator-kdeconnect that you’re not using the KDE desktop? I understand that using Dolphin (KDE file manager) in split screen mode should allow bi-directional transfer. AFAIU, similar functionality should be available with Nautilus file manager. Right-click on a file and select the ‘Send to’ menu item to transfer the file to the Android device. Now this might also depend on the Android OS version as discussed here.

Hi Deano,

We meet here once again. Yes, I use gnome desktop. Installed ‘dolphin’. It was not working. It said:

**“Unable to create io-slave. Cannot talk to klauncher: The name org.kde.klauncher5 was not provided by any service files”.

**Searched on the net… Then installed ‘kinit’ and the message disappeared.

I have got the Dolphin in split mode. From here on, I need help because I am clueless about how to transfer files from computer to phone and vice versa.



Maybe this helps you on the way, it’s the output of ‘mount’ re. my phone’s storage mounted for kdeconnect, is uses sshfs:

kdeconnect@PHONE_IP_ADDRESS_HERE:/ on /run/user/1000 type fuse.sshfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=100)

You’re likely missing other required parts of the KDE subsystem. Since you’re using Gnome, try using Nautilus instead. Right-click on a file and see if there is an option to send the file to the Android device.

A thing I just noticed: DO NOT mix packages from different openSUSE versions. That’s not going to make things better, rather worse.

Hi Deano,
Hi Knurpht,

Well, thanks a lot for all the help. Mt system is now functional both through Bluetooth as well as through KDEconnect. Bluetooth is far too slow though. I tend to use KDEconnect because; firstly, it is far more convenient through Dolphin. My Samsung Phone is visible as a device on the left side of the Dolphin; secondly, the Dolphin screen can be split and I can have contents of Phone on one side and my computer’s ‘home’ directory on the other side and can transfer files by copy-paste or by just swapping; thirdly, it is all the time on when both my computer and phone are on and whithin wifi range.

But all the above would not have been possible without your very willing support. Thanks a lot, once again.

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Glad to read of your success with this. Pass the knowledge on when you can. :slight_smile:

… and thanks for coming back to let others know, it helps others when they see a satisfactory solution has been arrived at.:good:

Hi Fraser,

It was my duty to give out the result after everybody had applied their mind so well. Not only now, but always, whenever I have appealed to the forum for help, it has always stood up to the expectations. Such dedication is rare!

Thank you all and my Regards to you.