fglrx driver will not install with kernel 2.6.39-30-desktop


Upgraded this morning to Linux 2.6.39-30-desktop x86_64.

Now ati-driver-installer-11-5-x86.x86_64.run will not re-install.
Had to go back to radeon driver.

Is anyone else seeing the same issue.


It concerns not only ati-divers. I have nvidia and must fall back to 260.19.44 and then reinstall 270.41.19.

This is the easiest way:

Skript: [makerpm-ati-11.5.sh](http://www.sebastian-siebert.de/downloads/makerpm-ati-11.5.sh)
SHA1: [makerpm-ati-11.5.sh.sha1](http://www.sebastian-siebert.de/downloads/makerpm-ati-11.5.sh.sha1)
  1. init 3
  2. chown root:root makerpm-ati-11.5.sh
    chmod 744 makerpm-ati-11.5.sh
  3. ./makerpm-ati-11.5.sh -i
    4.* reboot*

by Sebastian Siebert](http://www.sebastian-siebert.de/2011/05/09/opensuse-proprietaeren-grafik-treiber-ati-catalyst-11-5-als-rpm-installieren/)

I’m still using 270.41.06 nvidia – was not a problem with today, so I better stick with it.

No issue here either with NVIDIA’s 270.41.06, nor with latest beta 275.09. A question comes to mind: did you reboot before reinstalling the driver?

Yes of course.

Hi v_gabor,

This morning the package ‘fglrx64_xpic_SUSE114 Version: 8.850-1’ was automatically downloaded
and installed from AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

I assume this is a consequence of using the script from by Sebastian Siebert

One suprise was the included program /usr/bin/fgl_glxgears

Thanks again for the tip


You’re welcome!

If you will update your kernel, the script will recompile the fglrx module aromaticity under system boot.


No “aromaticity”
Rightly automatic :slight_smile: