FFMPEG Transcoder?


I’m running a Drupal Web Server and I need a FFMPEG transcoder. Is there one available for openSuse? I didn’t see much at the Software site and FFmpeg site only has it for Debian. The Video Modules in Drupal needs to be able to transcode videos to H246, Theora, VP8 using FFMPEG.


Are you familiar with the largest 3rd party repository for openSUSE, known as ‘Packman’ ? Their web site is here: PackMan :: home . Instructions on setting up the Packman packager’s repository (at different levels) and other 3rd party repositories is here: Additional package repositories - openSUSE . I prefer the ‘full’ for Packman repository.

As an aside (NOT related to your question) information on the regular repositories is here: Package repositories - openSUSE

… and for all sorts of weird and wonderful 3rd party/average user custom repositories, one can search here: software.opensuse.org: Search Results and under ‘search options’ select ‘include users home projects’

Having typed that, I recommend ONLY the following 4 repositories: OSS, Non-OSS, Update, and Packman, and disable or remove ALL the rest. Add only if necessary to install an app and then disable/remove immediately after. That recommendation wins me no friends amongst those who love a zillion apps at the click of a button, but it also solves many problems that neophytes constantly run into (and I include myself in the category of not wanting to run into many problems).

For transcoding to h264 I prefer the app h264enc (packaged by microchip) which uses ‘mencoder’ , as opposed to ffmpeg. One can download it from Packman packagers repository or from microchips own repository.

Other apps that I like are handbrake which is packaged by the Packman packagers for openSUSE.

Another front end to ffmpeg is 'winff" and that is not packaged by Packman packagers - but instead one needs to grab a version from a users project. And even then, typically because ffmpeg is a moving target with constant updates, winff config file gets broken and constantly needs to be updated/tuned by hand , requiring more than basic knowledge.

Of course I am assuming you found ffmpeg searching on the Packman packager site.

No, not familiar, but will check it out now! Thanks, I appreciate your help!..

Rereading what I typed, I should clarify. My advice is " add a 5th repository only if necessary to install an app, and then disable remove “the 5th repository" immediately after installing the app”.

The way I originally typed this was not clear.

Ok thanks!.. :slight_smile: