ffmpeg and webm

I would like to start working with webm (On2 vp8 codec) with ffmpeg.

Are there any packages available for ffmpeg that have the necessary support for creating .webm videos?

I’ve intalled the libvpx package that supplies

but I still unable to successfully encode to webm with ffmpeg

Am I missing anything obvious?

I want to avoid compiling a new ffmpeg as I am currently doing commercial video work and don’t want to risk “breaking” my machine.

WebM support is in the gsreamer good or/and bad so you need to install that or the latest build of ffmpeg from git. Here is more info The WebM Project : tools : VP8 and WebM Tools

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holtslander-g wrote:

> Am I missing anything obvious?

maybe you have difficulty reading?

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Replying to my own post …
Version FFmpeg 0.6 now supports creating webm formatted video

ffmpeg -i <inputfile> outputfile.webm will create webm video

I use ffmpeg with java with code:

String command = "ffmpeg -i input -b 600kb -f webm -vcodec libvpx -aspect 16:9 output;
try {
Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command);

		if (p.exitValue() == 0) {
	} catch (Exception e) {

but i get ouput with 0MB…but i write it cmd in win or terminal on feraco that it OK…
Who can help me?