fence_virtd daemon?

I’m messing around with trying to setup a virtual HA cluster using KVM, and all the documentation I can find mentions using the fence_virtd daemon (on the host) to handle shutdown requests from the guest VMs. I cannot seem to find a package that provides this functionality in openSUSE. Is it setup differently?

Am surprised I can’t find recent documentation for this, and even a few Forum threads over the past year.

The thing to know is that there have been some recent changes in what and how to set up over the past couple years, I wouldn’t trust anything dated older than 2019.

Here is a blog by someone who set up their own experimental HA cluster using Hawk2.
I’d recommend trying this and see if it does what you want.


As an alternative, you may be interested in setting up a cluster based on DRBD.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping to be able to incorporate stonith, and from my brief look over of that post, I’m not sure that will work. Maybe I’ll just have to use SCSI fencing…although I haven’t actually checked if I can do that on this distro. I guess I’ll find out.

You should be able to do that, too.
The following link is to SUSE documentation how to set this up… Although there are many setups that require SUSE tools, in this case nothing jumps out at me. The different software pieces like stonith and corosync plus optional hawk2 are available in our openSUSE repositories and the commands look like they should work on openSUSE without modification



You may try packages from https://kronosnet.org/builds/fence-virt/