February 2009 Screenshot Thread

Post your latest here: We should have some nice lookin’ kde4.2 shots:



Not much change from last month.

Also KDE4.2 picture from Snowdonia, Wales where i lived as a kid


Here is my KDE 4.2 desktop:

My 4.2 Screen shot


Unchanged since late last month - did it for the KDE 4.2 release.

Desktop 1:

Desktop 2:

What’s the multi wigit you have on the left?


OS 10.3 with KDE 3.5.10, Xubuntu 8.10 on VirtualBox

temperature widget just not using the plotters
and on the right its an karamba widget kopem2

http://thumbnails11.imagebam.com/2537/74517725363048.gif](http://www.imagebam.com/image/74517725363048) http://thumbnails16.imagebam.com/2537/d63b4625363050.gif](http://www.imagebam.com/image/d63b4625363050) http://thumbnails5.imagebam.com/2537/e3548a25363052.gif](http://www.imagebam.com/image/e3548a25363052)
In use _________________ Lancelot Menu______ MADNESS__________

I’m amazed I could take the last one, hell it even was a smooth animation spinning it around (be it a bit slower than normal).
16x Anti Aliasing and 16x Anisotropic Filtering, on a laptop ( NVIDIA 9600M)

Not as nice a matching background as last month, but I like this one better anyways :wink:

Here’s mine for February on Xfce 4.6 RC1

Here’s my KDE 4.2 for February. Going with a light background this month.


Suse’s background green wit some logo on it.

Here’s mine. KDE 4.1.3



KDE 4.2

Hello SuSE enthusiasts:

I would like to know how to contribute photos for consideration to be included in the set of background pictures distributed with OpenSuSE. Could someone let me know how I might go about doing this?

Soup Maker

Interesting question. I’m not sure you listed in the correct forum section.

But as you may know, the artwork shipped with openSUSE can also be found here
Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop - KDE-Look.org
Eyecandy for your GNOME-Desktop - GNOME-Look.org

You can register and contribute. Those sites are not affiliated with Novell - so I can’t say if there is any correlation between what is selected to go in the OS artwork and what is available on the -look sites.

You can of course get involved this way:
How to Participate - openSUSE

Hi, this is my first foray with Opensuse and my first post. Very impressed, downloaded the 4.2 live cd and installed without a hitch. Everything working like a charm thus far. Anyways this is my desktop at the mo, yet to figure out Compiz and may not be able to get it to run on my system anyways.

Cheers lol!


That’s mine @ work:


and the large Original is here.