Fan noise HP Pavilion ZD7000


Did a search in the forums here and some googleing but sis not find anything that might help, so I aske here.

After I upgraded to OpenSuse 11 the fans in my laptop started to make a lot of noise, never noticed this when I had OpenSuse 10.

Any clues why this happens? Have tried to and ACPI-support and various laptop related packages with no luck…

The ‘laptop’ is a HP Pavilion ZD7000 (zd 7169ea).

Thanks in advance!

Having the same problem.

a. manufacturer/model # of your laptop: HP Pavilion dv1000
b. openSUSE version that you are using, SUSE 11.0
c. information on the symptoms/problem that you have with your laptop,** Fans are running almost all the time, even with no or little load, was not the case before upgrading from W-XP.**
d. any specific/more detailed hardware information you may have on the equipment internal to your laptop that is causing the problem.
No, just about everything else seems to work:), the LED for WLAN is working the opposite way as intended…a lit LED means inactivated WLAN & Bluetooth.:D.but is is now normally not lit so it works fine.
Temperature sensor, THR1 is rock stable on 61 deg when both cpus are running on idle , 1000Mhz with some very small spikes occationally up to 1600 Mhz

Anybody else having the same problem? How are the fans controlled?

After a test of first suspend to RAM with FN-key f5, wich I think worked, I didn’t took time to wait for resuming but pressed powerbutton once to reboot. It did and after that the fans are operating normal again…
Temp sensor are now about 47 degrees slowly climbing to 50 instead with same work from my side.
I noted that average load decrease from about 1,25 to tested to around 0,7 or lower so there was something going, that is gone now.
On my desktop (old system from around 2000), I noted some more activity the first day or so now when I think of it.
Is there some indexing by Beagle in an new installation, or what?