FakeRAID of AMD Bolton D4 Chipset

Hellow All openSUSE User

My old PC was Dual OS boot System Win7SP1 x86_64 and openSUSE13.1 x86_64
on FakeRAID 0 Partition of ASRock 990FX Extream4

openSUSE13.1 x86_64 can detect FakeRAID 0 of AMD SB950 or any older AMD Chipset

But can not detect FakeRAID 0 of GIGABYTE GA-F2A88X-UP4 Rev3.0

Is it difficult for openSUSE to support FakeRAID 0 of AMD Bolton D4 Chipset?

I hope openSUSE Factory or 13.2 support FakeRAID of AMD Bolton D4 Chipset

Sorry my poor English


YamaYama2013 in Japan