Failure to update tumbleweed

I try to update the tumbleweed system (zypper dup --allow-vendor-change) but after downloading all the packages (more than 2800) and when Start install first package
I receive this message:-

Failure to install GeoIP-data-1.6.12-2.4.noarch:
Error: Subprocess failed. Error: fail RPM: error: can’t create transaction lock on /var/lib/rpm/.rpm.lock (Read-only file system)

I tried to access the File /var/lib/rpm/.rpm.lock after logging in as root but did not find it.

I found a solution talking about enable pacman repository
When you try to use

zypper mr -e 1

I receive this message:-

An error occurred while enable the repository:
Could not open file ‘/etc/zypp/repos.d/’ To write.

Please help solve this problem

I want to delete and Write it to the right place it but I do not know how

This is not a HOWTO or FAQ, I’ll move the thread to Install/Boot/Login

@OP: You’ll have to find out why your root filesystem is read only.

EDIT: Done, without delay since no NNTP active

Thanks :nerd:

I’m not sure why ,
But I updated and after that the system failed to boot, so I logged in snapshots to try to fix the problem.

This may be the reason.

Booting to a snapshot is readonly until you do the roll back

Thanks a lot for solve the problem.

I used

snapper rollback
To do it

:good: I wish you a good life