extra spaces in media name


I have a problem with extra spaces in volume names since using OpenSUSE 11.2. It seems to be Kernel related. When I access the CD-Rom through the terminal I now have extra spaces behind the name. On OpenSUSE 11.1 with Kernel it brings up the volume name without the spaces, but on OpenSUSE 11.2 with Kernel I have about 6 spaces behind the volume name. They also appear in the Filemanagers Konqueror and Dolphin when I look at “properties”. The problem I have is that the “Installer” on the CD will not work as it looking for volume names without the extra spaces. How can I fix this?

Are you getting this with every CD? It may be the case that that CD has some unprintable characters in the volume label. You can manually mount it.


No, it only happens on this one set of DVDs. I spoke to the suppliers and they told me that I am the first Linux user that has this problem, but they have had Mac users complain about it in the past. Somehow the OpenSuse 11.1 and other Distros with an older kernel ignore those extra spaces.

There is a known bug that says that volume names are padded to 16 characters:

You can vote for it to be fixed if it is important to you.

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As per the ISO-9660 standard, the volume label should be maximum of 16 characters and only allowed characters are A to Z, 0 to 9, underscore and dot. Even though unprintable characters are not allowed, there are certain CD burning programs that violate these rules while writing volume labels.
openSUSE’s hot-mounting system creates a directory under /media with volume label as the name to mount the CD. So, when you access files from that CD, you have to refer to /media/VOL/… and if the reading program can not handle those unprintable characters in the path name, you will have problems.
If you get such a CD, the workaround is to do a manual mount.
Another point to note that if a directory already exists when the auto-mounting happens, openSUSE add a hyphen followed by a number to make the directory name unique.

Thank you for that information. I was wondering if there was an easy fix, but does not look like it for now. I was looking at manually mounting them to overcome the problem as well.