Extra Mouse Buttons not detected by xev

I just bought a Trust MI-6950R and I would like to make all buttons working. The “normal buttons” for left and right click and scrolling are working. I used xev to get the buttons you use with the thumb working. But xev didn’t detect the horizontal scrolling and the +/- Buttons. So I want to ask if it is possible to get that working.
Thank you.

You have to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file .
These links can be usefull :
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Hi, thanks for the reply
I got the horizontal scrolling working with the first link you gave me.
But still xev won’t detect the + and - buttons.

You might have to try another combination of the “ButtonMapping” option of the xorg.conf file .

I changed the combination of the “butonMapping” option around, but it didn’t change anything. I switched left and right mouse button, but it still is like it should be.
But something else was wierd: I was trying all buttons in xev and I pushed the + Button and it showed up in xev with the number 13. But then i tried it again and it wouldn’t show up again.

You might also have to use the ~/.xbindkeysrc file , xbindkeys and fill it up with lines like :

"xvkbd -x sendevent -text "\[Alt_L]\[Right]""
m:0x10 + b:9

does it matter if i write m:0x10 or m:0x0??

Errr, sorry, i don’t remember. I did this to configure my logitech VX revolution one year ago on my opensuse 10.3 . I think you will find the explanation somewhere on one of the links i gave you.