Exiting fullscreen flash player videos.. freeze problem

Heey Everybody!

I only have two problems at the moment:

  1. When I watch youtube videos or any videos on full screen and press “esc” to exit full screen or even click the button it seems to freeze on that frame of the video. Nothing can get my screen back to normal, I have to to press “Ctrl-Alt-Backspace” And log in again… I’m pretty sure everything is working in the background still. If anyone has had this problem, a way to resolve it would be great! :’(

  2. On firefox when I scroll up and down pages using the wheel of the mouse it likes to lag behind and scroll very slowly… But clicking on the bar and moving it that way is fine… I’m not sure if everyone gets this or its just me… :sarcastic:

Also does anyone use the iplayer out there? When I play videos and watch them in fullscreen its very laggy and choppy. But if I change the mode to high quality [via a button on the page] it works fine! Maybe its the different codec being used… strange :smiley: *

Your suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks! ;)*

The only flash player that works at all is the beta of 10. All the others crash. That requires installing libcurl3 and only works in firefox. As it is, konqueror on kde4 is quite buggy.

Thanks Dave,

I installed libcurl3 and flash 10 and it seems it doesn’t crash anymore when exiting full screen videos! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the latest version of 9 is abit dodgy…

Oh and I forgot to mention I’m using the GNOME environment…