Evolution with Exchange

I have had a terrible time getting everything going so I could ditch XP completely at work and now ran into another problem.

Now Evolution crashes and closes the application when trying to download folders from the Exchange server.

I would REALLY appreciate some more help here. Thank you guys SO much for the help thus far.

If you run it from a command line, do you get any additional output?


It starts normally, but it just crashes/disappears in the middle of downloading folders from Exchange.

I’m not really familiar with Evolution so just a couple of generic suggestions I’m afraid.

It might be worth looking through some of the logs on your system to see if anything is reported.

Another idea is to use something like wireshark to trace the comms between your pc and the exchange server to find out where it is crashing.

Is there an Evolution IRC chat at #evolution on irc.gimp.org. Some mailing lists (see Evolution), a Novell support forum and newsgroup. So I would suggest trying in one or more of those.

Sorry I can’t help more - let us know if you find anything in the logs though.


I will try the irc channel and see where that leads me.

Dumb question, but where do I look in “the logs.”

I am a recovering MS Admin and Network guy that is taking the plunge into Linux no matter how bad it hurts.

Good Luck.

Not dumb at all, I know where you are coming from! I could never remember where the logs are. Actually they are in


But you can also access the main ones through YaST - Look in the Misc tab.

All the best tracking down the problem & if you do, please do post the answer back into this thread for others to reference.

All the best,