Evolution Mail, send email, using port 587.

Im trying to configure Evolution to send email via port 587 cause 25 it’s blocked.

This is my configuration:

reception port 110 no encrypted
send port 587 no encryption

I can receive emails but I can’t send.

I just opened the 587 port via postfix

submission inet n - n - - smtp
and restart the service.

Could not connect to mail.XXXXXX.com: Socket I / O expired

I can send mail from outlook from the other OS.

IIRC port 587 is encrypted SMTP, so it’s not enough to just open the port…
You need to configure whatever security is required by the Server you’re connecting to (often only a username/password).


Thank you.

I notice that godaddy has unix blocked!

So I can´t reach the webmail as well!




25 = SMTP (unencrypted by default but can be used encrypted with the “STARTTLS” method/hack)

587 = “Submission” (alternative to SMTP, same rules as above)

465 = SMTPS (this must be used with TLS)



I just call godaddy and they unlocked the port.

Now it is working.

Thank you!

I should have done a simple lookup before posting… :shame: