Evolution Mail Client gmail smtp setup

so, I have the 11.4 Gnome Distribution.
everything is setup except my email sending.

I have the server setup as
SMTP type
SSL encryption
PLAIN authentication
correctuser at gmail dot com

and receive the message

Failed to append to : Unknown error
Appending to local ‘sent’ folder instead.

I have never been able to setup evolution correctly with gmail.
I have followed the gmail settings of setting the smtp server to be smtp.gmail.com:465
and folowed the instructions here Evolution/FAQ - GNOME Live!
to setup smtp.gmail.com with no port change.
if there is no port specified the sending message window doesn’t report an error it just hangs.
any help appreciated.

No need to append the port number on the server name. This is indicated in the connection type. Try dropping that and see if you have better luck.

On 2011-04-28 02:36, ed v wrote:
> Failed to append to : Unknown error
> Appending to local ‘sent’ folder instead.

This message is local, related to where to put the sent email.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

I removed the port number from the server setup
and got this timeout message…

Error while Sending message.

Welcome response error: Connection timed out

still unresolved.

Swap the SSL to TLS for sending.

I swapped the values as suggested, still I get a timeout error.
I haven’t messed with the firewall.
I am using network manager not ifup and it automagically setup my firewall I guess through the GUI setup.

Hmm, it is SSL Encryption, no port number and check the box ‘server requires authentication’ I’m running Evo 3.0 on my netbook and it’s working fine.

Use the following to start evolution and have a look through the log file created;

CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution >& evolution.log

I did a grep for warnings and errors then went through the file manually.
didn’t find much, of course I don’t know what to look for specifically…
I went to http://software.opensuse.org/ to see if I could dl a newer version of evolution than the 2.32.1 version I am using but it is down for maintenance.

I am using 11.4 and have the current evolution package, tumbelweed however supports the 3.0 package.
and now I am back to the first error message…

“Failed to append to : Unknown error
Appending to local ‘sent’ folder instead.”

my settings are
Server smtp.gmail.com
SSL encryption with authentication
correct user name @ gmail dot com

are you essentially saying that I am sending mail to my own computer and there is no user for the email that is why I am getting this particular error message?

ok, the issue seems to be resolved.
I don’t know why it is working now but I kept at it and these are the settings I am using…

Server type : SMTP
Server : smtp.gmail.com
Server requires authentication : yes
Use Secure Connection : SSL encryption
Type : PLAIN
Username : correct user name at gmail dot com
Remember password : yes