Evolution IMAP inbox issue

I am running Evolutions 2.28.2 on OpenSuSE 11.2 32bit & 64bit. I started a new job and configured Evolution to connect to my work email server via imap credentials provided to me. I am only using this for 1 email account, my work 1.

I can connect and manage email fine, but I show 2 in-boxes in my work profile. This does not include the inbox located above in the “On This Computer” area. When I expand both of the in-boxes, the sub folders and mail are identical.

Has anyone experienced this?
How can I clean this up?

Before I start blaming the mail server having multiple boxes, I need to prove it.

John :slight_smile:

I have since tried other email clients such as Thunderbird and KMail. It doesn’t show 2 inboxes. I am seriously thinking its Evolution.

I need Evolution as the office makes use of OutLook including the ability to create tasks and add them to the calendar.