Evolution : howto cleanup (pop folder)?

Hi All,

After trying to keep my mail folders trimmed I discovered there is a folder in .evolution that keeps growing but seems to have allot of irrelevant data in there…

I’m referring to ~/.evolution/mail/pop
This folder contains 480 MB of… something that looks like cache?!

.evolution/mail/local seems to hold all the mail I’ve got stored (is 60MB).

Anyone know more about this and what to do to clean up things a bit (besides chucking big mails!)? Or is it just a question of deleting it’s contents?
Google’n didn’t reveal anything interesting so far…

any other clean up tips within the folders (or re-compress commands) are always welcome :wink:


Just to report that back…

As I couldn’t stand this 480 MB of waste (kept poking me in the eye) I just went ahead and deleted (closed Evolution first of course) the folders;


After restarting the Evolution client the only effect was that previously retrieved pop mail was downloaded again (luckily I keep a clean pop box, so not to many items came down).
Other than that all my stored mail is still all there and I have a reborn, shiny clean feeling again :wink:

Went from 510 MB to 45 MB!

Could be the pop folders normally get cleaned but something got clogged as I took my .evolution data from 10.3?

A happy puppy once again,

Hi, that was brilliant.
Just encouraged me to overcome my anxiety and do a simple delete. Just freed 1.1GB! of disk space that must have accumulated over the years. So far everything is running smooth and nothing seems to be missing!

I wonder why the evolution backup script does not perform a clean before it starts the backup would save a lot of disk space.