Evolution does not like to play with GMail


Lately, Evolution has had some issues talking to my gmail account:
The error message I get is fairly vague: "Failed to refresh folder $account: INBOX
The reported error was: “You must be online to complete this operation”.

Evolution most definitely is online. The connectivity icon at the lower left corner of the window tells me I am online, and receiving mail from my other accounts works fine (IMAP and Exchange), so I am going to make the bold claim that I am actually online.

I checked Evolution’s preferences, set “Method to detect online state” to “Always online”, disabled the proxy. That did not help.

Trying to open a mail message gives me the error message “Message is not available in offline mode”. Like I said, I am not in offline mode.

Can somebody shed some light on this problem or tell me where to look?

Kind regards,

I don’t use evolution I use pop3 with t-bird for my gmail account before doing debugging evolution check the server settings these are my t-bird pop3 gmail settings (they use to work in outlook express years ago)

Server Name: pop.gmail.com
port: 995
Connection Security:SSL/TLS

outgoing settings
Server Name: smtp.gmail.com
port: 587
Connection Security:STARTTLS

Sorry, cannot resist …

I don’t blame Evolution, I refuse to play with Gmail, too!rotfl!

Can’t say that I blame you! :wink:

FWIW, I only use my gmail account for subscribing to a couple of mailing lists so they don’t clutter up my regular mailbox.

Thank you!

I would LOVE to return to Thunderbird, but Thunderbird in turn does not like to play with Exchange over MAPI/EWS.

Thanks for the advice, but I would really love to stick to IMAP.

Interestingly, the problem is only intermittent. I discovered that restarting Evolution seems to help for a while. Fortunately, I do not use gmail for anything important…

Why not use both Thunderbird (for non Gmail accounts) and evolution for Gmail and exchange accounts.

That is a good idea. However, I know myself well enough to say with confidence that I am too lazy for that. :slight_smile:

Also, I have not encountered the problem since about Christmas. Maybe whatever problem I encountered was fixed.

For any poor soul that finds this thread researching a similar problem:

The problem has disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared in the first place.
Either Google fixed something or the Evolution developers did.

Or maybe my desktop computer has not gathered enough uptime since, due to all the updates pouring in. Either way, it works for me now.