Evolution and Exchange2007

Anyone have any luck getting the above combo to work? It used to connect just fine to Exchange2003. Now the account setup errors out telling me the exchange server version is 5.5 (say what?! it’s 12.x) and not supported.

Web mail is a workaround, but would love to get my SuSE laptop back to full compatability.

Not sure about this, but I think Exchange 2007 is only supported starting Evolution 2.22.x (e.g. GNOME 2.22), so that would mean openSUSE 11 or later.

Just wiped my laptop and dove into SuSE11 and Getting the same problem in Evolution 2.22.

2007 is not supported by the connector - Microsoft changed quite a bit of how it works and thus it won’t work.

Solution? Use IMAP or wait until the engineers can patch the connector.

maybe this helps?

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