Evolution address book DB and OpenOffice

opensuse 11.1 (64b) kde 4.1.3

Evolution works OK
OpenOffice works OK

Problem: I use the evolution address book as the database source for mail merge and envelopes etc. Now I’m running opensuse 11.0 from the retail box and it is working fine. I did a test installation of opensuse 11.1 and the evolution connector seems to be missing.

If you open OpenOffice ( go to File/Wizards/Address data source you can see connector for Evolution, Groupwise, Evolution LDAP, KDE address book and Others. Well in the new opensuse 11.1 only you find Kmail and others, Evolution is missing.

I wonder (1) if Evolution is being face out? (2) If when I receive the couple of retail boxes of opensuse 11.1 is there and it is not in the just release on line version (iirc that was the case with opensuse 11) (3) If I should migrate to kmail?

I have tested everything in opensuse 11.1 that I need (and I donot need :)) and all is working great, so the only thing I need to migrate to opensuse 11.1 is the evolution connector. Does any of you have it?

Note: I am very impressed with opensuse 11.1 with kde 4. The opensuse team have done a fantastic work.


I reinstall everything again and now the evolution connector shows up! figure this out.
The problem I have now is another thread but I can get mail from evolution. Of course the pop3 server OK. So I may end up moving to kmail.