Ethereum mining

Anyone been able to setup OpenSUSE to mine for ethereum?
I found a howto, but it is for Ubuntu and I haven’t been able to adapt it for openSUSE.

Could not find ethereum or ethminer packages in any repositories. Did find the package geth.

I installed geth, created an account
geth account new
geth --etherbase ‘myEtherbaseAddress’ --mine

Though it only uses the CPU for mining as it does not support GPU mining.

Mining with geth failed after a short while

INFO [08-16|22:41:37] Commit new mining work                   number=91985 txs=0    uncles=0 elapsed=271.707µs
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233212888
fatal error: fault
unexpected fault address 0x7f92330b5d88
unexpected fault address 0x7f923cf70608
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233367f08
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233563288
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233740b08
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233156d88
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233231688
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233379888
unexpected fault address 0x7f9233200908
unexpected fault address 0x7f92333a0188
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x7f9233212888 pc=0x4619b7]

Could find the ethminer software in the package ethereum-cpp.
Started the ethminer as suggested in the How-To for ubuntu.

Got an error while trying it.

ethminer -G -F<YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS> --farm-recheck 200
Selected GPU mining without having compiled with -DETHASHCL=1

PS! I did change YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS to my local generated ethereum address.

I was able to run ethminer benchmark.
Got 0 H/s…

sverre@mintaka:~/Nedlastinger> ethminer -M
Benchmarking on platform: {"L1 cache":"32", "L2 cache":"256", "L3 cache":"15360", "brand":"Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz", "cl
ocknominal":"1207", "clocktested":"3598", "codename":"Unknown Core 2", "cores":"6", "threads":"12", "vendor":"GenuineIntel"}
Preparing DAG...
  ℹ  22:51:34.374|miner0  Loading full DAG of seedhash: #00000000…
Warming up...
Trial 1... 0
Trial 2... 0
Trial 3... 0
Trial 4... 0
Trial 5... 0
min/mean/max: 0/0/0 H/s
inner mean: 0 H/s
Phoning home to find world ranking...

Is it safe to trust for “”
and then install ethereum-cpp from
[](http://Is it safe to trust [ ?]( ?)

Dear god no, never install random shared libraries from outside the distribution repositories.

[QUOTE=dzombe;2836645]and then install ethereum-cpp from
[](http://Is it safe to trust [
The repository already contains all the dependencies - add the repository with zypper and install with that and it’ll pull in all the necessary files.

Do not download single packages!]( ?)

Was installing it under Tumbleweed and missing error is probably only Tumbleweed repo package error. Provided is , but ethereum-cpp is looking for "