ESET Nod32 Linux

ESET on its forum is advising they are no longer supporting opensuse as of 15.3

I am really quite surprised, has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on a workaround?

For the time being a good work-around is to stay on 15.2, for the rest it is an issue for ESET support.

What are you using from the ESET NOD32 functionality? For antivirus there are other working solutions.

I mostly use it for family and personal desktops as an extra layer of security, its detection is decent enough for average users and the interface is pretty simple. But nothing too sophisticated or for business use.

You could consider switching over to ClamAV, that will take more time to set up but is free.

ClamAV is pretty set-it-and-forget-it to be honest. It hooks into Linux and scans files you open like you’d expect. Having a mostly-Windows malware scanner on a desktop Linux system is kind of dubious though.

Tested NOD32 AV4 for Linux on 15.3;



As root or with sudo execute


After install, copy





systemctl daemon-reload


systemctl enable esets

Reboot and it’ll work. If it does not open the GUI by default, run;


But nothing too sophisticated or for business use.

Actually the “Business” versions use the same detection routines and databases as the basic NOD32 AV4.

I followed the steps above, but I got the following message when I go to do: systemctl enable esets

Synchronizing state of esets.service with SysV service script with /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install.
Executing: /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable esets
/sbin/insserv: No such file or directory

It should not need insserv installed if you’ve copied the .service file to the proper location and executed** systemctl daemon-reload**.

However, you can find insserv in the** insserv-compat** package which you can install with zypper and then re-try.

I was just logging back in to say that actually, I ended up finding some references to: insserv-compat on a sap forum installed it and rebooted, everything is working. Thank you so much though for everything, I would have never figured this out :slight_smile:

Anybody with an account on the ESET forum that can add to ESET NOD problem with Opensuse Leap 15.3 the the problem is fixed and a link to this topic?

Yup, I just posted it now! :slight_smile:

Discussion about the functionality of ESET NOD32 for Linux.
Apart from the fact that ESET has announced to stop support for the Linux variant, existing customers with an ABO can still use this product. It’s just that no new licenses will be sold. However, there is one thing to note about this. The antivirus software does not run on every desktop, because some packages are not installed correctly or are missing in Leap 15.3-2.
The German version can only be used under Xfce-Desktop (Tumbleweed). Under Leap 15.3.-2 in KDE (Plasma) and Xfce only the English version works. Why also always? Even the postinstallation of the package “insserv-compat” does not bring any change.