Error starting citrix

hi when i start citrix

/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/selfservice --icaroot /opt/Citrix/ICAClient

i get this error

WebKitWebView crashed
Url of the webview that crashed workspace:///opt/Citrix/ICAClient/aml/workspace.html#native=linux&initData={%22aml%22:{%22longLivedTokenSupport%22:%22true%22,%22nativeLoggingEnabled%22:%22true%22,%22platform%22:%22linux%22,%22primaryTokenLifeTime%22:%221.00:00:00%22,%22saveTokens%22:%22true%22,%22secondaryTokenLifeTime%22:%220.01:00:00%22}}

The reason is that Citrix uses outdated libraries.

  • We are planning to upgrade our compatibility libraries in one of our future releases. Citrix Workspace app will be compatible only with the following:
    GCC → 8.3.0
    GLIBC → 2.27
    libstdc++ → GLIBCXX_3.4.25

Result is the same for different modern distributions:

Hi, I could tell Citrix absolutely works at least until snapshot 20230131, but that might not help you, as we are probably doing things differently. Can you share more details like:

  1. Were you able to launch Citrix Workspace successfully before?
  2. Since when Citrix Workspace is failing? What did you do before failures started to happen?
  3. Can you try launching Citrix Workspace another way? I.e. via browser
  4. Which version are you using? Have you tried a different version?

Minimum system requirements are found here. Tumbleweed does support these minimum requirements (with exception to libunwind). Moving fast as TW moves, it’s possible that updates render the system incompatible with Citrix Workspace though.

You might be interested in running a compatibility check on your system, follow instructions from this link, the script includes a step which checks selfservice support. For example, this check fails here but I don’t use self service (I guess).