Error msg installing printers

In Leap 15.3 I’m getting the following error trying to search for installable printers in KDE:
Failed to group devices: ‘The name org.fedoraproject.Config.Printing was not provided by any .service files’

I have no idea what that’s supposed to accomplish, because I was able to install the printers, but a fedora error message is going to confuse people.

How do you search?


There are a couple of KDE Bug Reports related to this issue – <> and <>.

  • Bug #341780 seems to indicate that, the KDE folks want to resolve this issue down-stream – the repair revolves around resolving DBus run-time dependencies.

But, are you running the KDE Plasma session from the user “root”?

  • When I execute a search for new printers from a “normal” user session, KDE Plasma reports a CUPS error with the text “Failed to get a list of devices: 'Forbidden’
    ” …

Which comes back to the issue that, provided that the “gutenprint” Package is installed and, for HP Printers the “hplip” Package is installed, the printers should be, usually, automatically detected by the Linux system.

There is an issue for the case that, the printers attached to or, near to, the Linux system are not listed in the system’s installed printer packages –

  • In that case, the printer’s PPD has to be installed and activated by an administrator – usually by means of YaST.

Use Yast2----Hardware-----Printers