Error Loading Installer - Possible Issue with UDEV/Video Drivers

I’m having trouble starting the openSUSE installer. After selecting Install on the boot menu of the 12.1 DVD I see the expected kernel messages, however after a second the screen goes black and stays this way. I have tried selecting Text Mode, and different resolutions but it makes no difference, the last message I see on the screen before it goes out is saying UDEV is loading. I get the same problem when I try loading an Arch Linux CD, a black screen after UDEV loads.

I’m assuming this has something to do with my video drivers, my Laptop is a Lenovo EDGE e525 with an AMD A8-3500M processor(Radeon HD 6480G integrated Graphics). Any insight into this issue would be a great help.

Adding the boot parameter “radeon.modeset=0” fixed the issue. SUSE is running fine now.