Error in refreshing Repository. Need help

There was an error when I try to change the repositories in YaST(DVD to
online Repositories). I am absolutely serious. Hic

There was an error in the repository initialization.
‘repo-non-oss’: Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s):

  • File /var/cache/zypp/raw/repo-non-osshRoTjf/content.key
    doesn’t contain public key data

And these are the screenshots:


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First thing I would do is remove, updates, oss, and non-oss.

Then add them in manually using the default by url method

‘Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/oss’

‘Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss’

‘Index of /update/11.1’ (

then if that does not help try fro a su terminal

rpmdb --rebuilddb

zypper ref

Box: Linux x86_64 | OS 11.0 | (KDE4.1.87) “1.1” | M2N4-SLI
| AMD 64 X2 5200+ | nVidia 8500GT | 2GB RAM

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