Error Creating bridge interface in KVM

I am getting this error when starting a bridge interface

The bridge is created on the host, then allocated to the virtual machine.

thanks for the quick answer, this is what I did.

Installed two network cards and created a Bond interface.

then created a bridge interface using the bond interface

this is the final result in yast

then presented that bridge interface to the virtual machines

I haven’t test it yet, the next step is to install a virtual machine to see if it can ping other conputers in the network, is there any known problem with this configuration?

I can see the yast selected mode=active-backup by default, is it ok to change that to mode=balance-rr ?

Its ok I found this info

The only bonding modes that should be used with a guest virtual machine are Mode 1, Mode 2, and Mode 4. Under no circumstances should Modes 0, 3, 5, or 6 be used. It should also be noted that mii-monitoring should be used to monitor bonding modes as arp-monitoring does not work.