Error compiling Torcs

Torcs 1.3.1

I know that there is a packaged Torcs already avialable. I’m compiling Torcs for two reasons, a) So I can better understand compiling packages, so I can compile packages on my own in the future. b) Change target location of where the game is being installed. My first try failed with this:


checking for sin in -lm... no
configure: error: Can't find libm. Please check config.log and if you can't solve the problem send the file to with the subject "torcs compilation problem"
rm: cannot remove directory `conf23889.dir': Directory not empty

I went on the Torcs channel on and the person there who was helping suggested that I try this:

./configure CFLAGS="-O2 -m64 -fPIC" CPPFLAGS="-O2 -fPIC" CXXFLAGS="-O2 -fPIC" LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib64" ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/lib64 --disable-xrandr --build=x86_64-suse-linux

checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... unknown                                                                                                       
configure: error: unknown endianness                                                                                                                         
presetting ac_cv_c_bigendian=no (or yes) will help                                                                                                           
rm: cannot remove directory `conf23109.dir': Directory not empty  

both failed for different reasons, the second one, the person helping me indicated to me that it was a autoconf bug @ My current version installed:

comp1:/lib64 # rpm -qa autoconf

Any suggestions you can offer me would be graciously appreciated thank you very much =)

openSuSE 11.2 x86_64

Do the compilation as root.

What is in the directory conf23109.dir? See whether you can remove its content manually, and continue.

Torcs is a defective software, often crashes.

Both commands were running as root when they both failed… :{ … Any other suggestions?

You don’t need to run either “./configure” or “make” as root. Only “make install” needs root permission.

Your problem seems to be missing glibc.

zypper install glibc-devel

Thanks, I remember that for future reference, I scrapped it for the windows version, and that worked out fine. Thanks