Error code: Wsl/Service/CreateInstance/MountVhd/ERROR FILE NOT FOUND

Hello team,

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed software is installed on the user’s machine from the Microsoft Store.
Store link - Microsoft Apps
The user updated the application using the command WSl --update.

After the update, couldn’t connect to the display, error appeared.

To fix it, reinstalled the OpenSUSE Tumbleweed from the software store. The existing C drive path mounted to the application is now failed to sync with the application.

Please help to mount the old files to WSL2. Thanks

Can someone please help, thanks.

Muthu Raman


Thanks for your time @hui

I read a comment that running wsl --unregister ubuntu version removed all his old files.

What are the directories should i take backup before troubleshooting futher as mentioned in above blogs ?

After reinstalling .vdhx file is missing from the path – C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\46932SUSE.openSUSETumbleweed_022rs5jcyhyac

how to restore the file and is there any tool to recover the .vdhx file?

If you know your ext4. vhdx location, follow the prompts to create the missing folder, copy ext4. vhdx to the corresponding location, and start wsl
2. Registry HKEY_ CURRENT_ Find your virtual machine under USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Lxss and modify the BasePath value to your virtual disk path.