error: /boot/vmlinuz-4.18.16-1-default has invalid signature

I Compiled the stable kernel obtained from, when starting the grub
the error came out:

Loadin Linux 4.18.16-1-default …
error: /boot/vmlinuz-4.18.16-1-default has invalid signature.
loading initial ramdisk …
error: the kernel must be loaded first

The steps for the process were:

$ git clone git: //
cd linux-stable

$ git checkout -b stable v4.18.16

$ cp / boot / config-uname -r * .config

$ make
#make modules_install install


with that it is supposed to be compiled and installed in the system and I configure the grub
the source:


NOTE: I tested it on a virtual machine in the same way, and did not frame the error


Hi Welcome,

Any reasons for compiling your own kernel ?

It seems that you are using UEFI.

Two choices:

  1. Disable secure-boot in your UEFI firmware
  2. Create your own signing key, register it with MokManager, and sign your kernel yourself.

The easy solution is to just disable secure-boot. I suggest you start with that. That will give you time to decide whether to setup your own kernel signing key.