Eric 5 on my Leap 42.3 - issues with the ok-button in the project dialog: solutions and more

hello dear OpenSuse experts,

i have installed Eric 5 on my Leap 42.3 - here some issues with this ide and additional questions.
the ide-eric 5**
unfortunatly i runned into errors with eric5: the ok button of new project dialog is disable

there are some workarounds - i found them here:

the guy has fund a indirect solution:

Download a example source, for example, from the tutorial of python: tutorial of Eric4
edit the *.e4p file with a text editor, make sure the value of 'version' of 'Project' section is 5.0 or higher.
Return Eric IDE, open the project.
Delete all the source files and save as the project file to a expect folder.
Add my source files and edit the project properties.

question: - on a sidenote: - can i probably install a newer version that the eric 5 - cannot i add the version 6 to opensuse!?

love to hear from you

BTW; what about a leigthweight editor – such as atom: - is this one easy to install with some steps in the yast!?

here some links:
PythonEditors for some that want to have a leightweight editor PythonEditors - Python Wiki

how to configure them EditorConfigurationHowto - Python Wiki

IDEs that don’t integrate anything Python-specific are also listed at PythonEditors#Glorified_Editors.

Multiplatform Editors
Online Editors
and lots of others - unix-mac . and finally MS$ Editoren