EPSON STYLUS T10 - can't get it to work


I’ve gone through the search of this forum regarding getting the Epson T10 to work and there are various instructions that do not work when I try them.

The Epson Stylus T10 works readily when using the Ubuntu’s (Kubuntu & Xubuntu) and Mandriva.

I am just wondering as to why I can’t get it to work with 11.2?

Can anyone please help me. I really need to print lots of stuff.

The Epson Stylus T10 is not a new printer. It has been around for quite some time already.

Thank you.

a good place for information about printers and linux is OpenPrinting

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Epson Stylus T11 S20 T20 T20E T23 T26 T10

some good advice there:

OR …

Epson make linux drivers

go here


you will find one for your T10;

you will need the rpm version; and you will need to read the instructions; many companies offer two rpm files: a general one, installed first, and then a specific for the printer

you can graphically install by right-clicking on the downloaded file, and select install by YaST

or terminal

change directories so you are “in” the directory the downloaded files are in:

cd downloads
(assuming you download downloads into downloads …

just lists all the files you have

to assume root powers

rpm -Uvh whatsafile.rpm