Epson Printer Drivers

I have an Epson Inkjet Printer model L3210. I can print using Esc-R driver from various applications. However I am unable to install its full fledged Esc-P driven utility (rpm) downloaded (to local repo) from Epson site. I do have LSB Fake 4 installed. Using Discover I get the error messages
“Internal Error”
“Too few items to Process”

I doubt that the rpm at Epson site is boken though that possibility does exist. Has anyone run into similar problem and found a solution?


Unfortunately this lacks all usefull informations to help properly…

Whats wrong with the driver provided by openSUSE:

  • which rpm exactly did you download from the Epson site?
  • why do you create a local repo for one rpm?
  • show the terminal output when you try to install it including error messages
  • what Disvover do you mean? KDE Discover? Printer Discover?..
  • where are this error messages from?

The Epson driver from Epson directly installs just fine:

leap@leaptest:~/Downloads> sudo rpm -ivh /home/leap/Downloads/epson-inkjet-printer-202101w-1.0.1-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rmp 
[sudo] Passwort für root: 
Preparing...                          ################################# [100%]
Updating / installing...
   1:epson-inkjet-printer-202101w-1.0.################################# [100%]

I do have epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.7.15-bp154.1.54 from openSUSE installed. It does not run full Epson utilities.

I normally install software using Yast Software Manager. Creating a local repo was one of the suggestions made when I first had problems in installing Epson. I have also the Epson scanner driver rpm in it. Downloading the rpm in downloads means each time I upgrade Leap to next version that rpm is gone. I got the local repo on a separate partition where I do most of my work and keep long term items.

Sorry for the typo it is KDE Discover. The error messages are from discover.

Coming to my main requirement, Epson printer driver installation in Windows has facility especially for Photo printing. If it not available under Linux then that is an end to it. If it is available I would like to have it! It is possibly in epson-printer-utility-1.1.1-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rpm which is giving me trouble.

Would it been that hard to make a precise failure description? Why is it necessary that others need to guess your steps and try to recreate it…

I recreated your “problem”. Upstream epson-printer-utility-1.1.1-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rmp installs just fine, but it can’t be started:

leap@leaptest:~/Downloads> /opt/epson-printer-utility/bin/epson-printer-utility
/opt/epson-printer-utility/bin/epson-printer-utility: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The support for outdated libQT4 got removed in most distributions (also in openSUSE). So this is an Epson problem that their utility is incompatible with modern distributions.
As Epson also provides a src.rpm, maybe you can adapt the spec file and rebuild the package yourself.

You can get them here:

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That settles the matter. Epson won’t be bothered seeing that this is a long standing issue.
Thanks, will not waste any more time on it.


Big thanks. This is very helpful for me. I have also Epson Ecotank L300 and original epson package is useless due to these missing libraries.

I can confirm that today after a very long time I managed to run my old Epson EcoTank L300 printer with the original driver from the manufacturer on openSUSE Leap. Without the contents of the below mentioned repository it would not have been possible.

Interestingly, this driver still works without problems on the latest releases of Fedora Linux without any additional help, unlike openSUSE.
Fedora Linux, which likes to be among the distributions with the latest software, has no problem providing all the necessary old packages and libraries for the old Epson drivers.

I had started this topic for Leap 15.4. Now Leap 15.5 is here but Epson is still not playing ball for Linux or is it only openSUSE distribution. I was initially considering starting a new topic but the issue is actually a continuation. Can Leap 15.5 be added to the tag line at this point?

Coming back to the main topic I saw that galko_ferdinand was able to get the Epson rpm working. I am willing to make another attempt. so in order to get the qt4 would it be OK to add the repo indicated earlier by Sauerland (i.e. repo ending with /15.4/ installing qt4 and removing the repo?

The Epson drivers were working and you can print and scan.

Only the Utility does not work…

Here is the Repo with some qt4 stuff for Leap 15.5:

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Thanks. I’ll try it shortly.

Some improvement by Epson, they have upgraded to qt5!! So no need for qt4 now. But it is of little use.
Yes, Utility (is it for scanner only?) does not work. The photo printing package is also not available. So not any better than the EscR driver and skanlite which comes with Leap.


Recently I upgraded to Leap 15.5 and with the help of the packages in this repository I managed to run my older Epson EcoTank L300 printer and the utility for this printer.
Thank you for your support.