Epson Perfection 3590/3490 Scanner 64bit support

This post is for other numpties like myself who simply couldn’t understand all the readme.txt files and posts about 32bit only.

The Epson AVASYS website does provide 64bit software and drivers for some scanners. The ones I downloaded to try with the 3590 did not work. The epkowa (epson) drivers are supplied with a binary file/libs that are only supplied as 32bit for the 3590/3490. You need these to work, and they will not work in 64bit mode. I also tried recompiling the drivers in 64bit mode. But I think the posts and lines about the 32bit only binaries means the key binaries are 32bit only and supplied as binaries only.

Your choices are limited to the below.

  1. Use the SANE free drivers. This provides reasonable function, although does not provide film scanner support or button support. Enable by uncommenting the snapscan section in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf. I don’t remember if you still need the firmware package downloaded from Yast (I think you do).

  2. Use the 32bit iscan program. Install iscan and the proprietary version and firmware. SANE will not detect the scanner. Also will require the 32bit compatibility libs. This uses the epkowa drivers, for 32bit system. I found iscan to keep losing communications with scanner randomly - very annoying for multipage scans.

  3. Copy over the 32bit sane software (e.g. scanimage, xsane) to your 64bit system. Install the 32bit compatibility drivers. Install iscan etc. These will all run in 32bit mode- but work.

  4. Install vuescan (buy software). Install iscan package, and 32bit compatible libs. Although running as 32bit, it works fine and reliably and supports the “press button to scan” on scanner.

thanks for this; vuescan has had some good reviews; turboprint is similar in that you buy it, and it runs printers; (very well);