Epia M10000+OpenSUSE 11.1 =garbage on the screen

i have a problem with OpenSUSE 11.1 running on my Epia M10000. i’ve just intalled a new openSUSE 11.1 without any graphical environment, only a text mode. It starts fine at the beginning. At some point a hardware special module will be loaded for the graphic card (CLE266) and after that i can see only garbage on the screen. I see that the whole system is running fine, because that garbage changes during the system startup. I think there is a problem with the kernel driver for the CLE266.
The safe mode doesn’t work either.

Question: can i force linux to do not load frame buffer driver or to force another text mode somehow?
I can change only settings in grub, because i can not even install openSSH due to the screen error.

Please help.

ok , i’ve found the solution: vga=0x317 solved the problem!