Enormous memory usage rsync through Back In Time

I use Back In Time to backup my files. One of the directories that gets backed up is my home folder to which something is being downloaded (CSS from Steam). I understand it tries to back it up but what i don’t understand is ENORMOUS memory usage!! 3 threads of rsync and right now they take about 1.5GB of memory (not virtual memory or other, 4.5GB physical memory!!) now if someone could explain me if that is completely normal?? Even if i kill that process it starts again (as i set it up ) then it climbs up with the memory usage again.

P.S. Update, every thread of those three take right now 1.7GB of memory.

Now i am quite afraid because it nears 2 GB usage per thread and i do have memory limits rotfl!

Update, it took almost 2.1 GB of memory per thread what made my system crawl like a snail leaving almost no free memory to other things and since i didn’t use SWAP it really went down with the performance.Anyone experienced anything like this?

Looks like the heavy memory usage is seen only when Back In Time is called by cron which is used by above application? When manually started the memory usage doesn’t climb so high.