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Hi there. This is my first post in here. First of all, thanks all core opensuse forums members, so far i found answers to all my questions about configuring opensuse.

Now the issue. I have now two systems on my laptop, windows 7 and opensuse 11.2. I was really planning to leave only OpenSUSE as primary OS and delete win7, but one thing stops me. It’s energy use. I’ve been testing both systems in equal conditions, and battery longevity on windows 7 is significantly better.

For example, on windows 7 i can play HD video for 5 hours, on opensuse only 3 hours. It IS very big difference (i use max brightness, max performance settings for both and only basic services were running; it’s just one example).

So i’m wondering if there’s any way to improve usage of battery energy in opensuse, cuz i really fell in love with the OS, but battery worktime is extremely important for me since i use my laptop outside.

Thanks a lot.

unfortunately, laptop makers work closely with the Redmond engineers
to develop drives and whatnot which serve to squeeze out the best use
of electrons…

such is not the case in working with Linux engineers…

i think it is pretty much standard that every laptop on the market
which is pre-loaded with Redmond will show fairly poor comparative
battery statistics when used with Linux…

and, there are many posts in these fora which might be helpful to
you…one might be
in which the user significantly cut the number of times openSUSE hit
his hard drive…

use the fora’s advanced search function to dig out others…

unfortunately i know of no comprehensive openSUSE how-to on the
general subject of battery life…so try these:

all that said, there may be other distro’s which are more thrifty with
battery power…and you should seek those also (if you want the glitz
of openSUSE keep it, and make yours a double boot to openSUSE and a
cut down, low footprint, energy sipping Linux distro you can boot to
to run that five hour movie in the sunlight!)

not only that, my general rule is: Use what works for you! that is, if
you need five hours in the sunlight, then use the Win7 you already
paid for for your entertainment and gaming needs…and, use a dual
boot to openSUSE for your industrial strength, enterprise stability
and reliability needs…

[and, tell your friends you keep Redmond on board because it is a
pretty good game and entertainment system, and hardware makers will
not work with Linux developers to make the machines more thrifty…]

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thanks a lot for the detailed reply.
Probably i’ll stay with win7 + opensuse combination then.

Changing the kernel from ‘desktop’/‘pae’ to ‘default’ has reported some improvements. I don’t know why, but it is maybe worth a try. An explanation would be appreciated if anybody has one…