encryption on /home when first install

I would like to know if there’s a way to remove the encryption from /home of the drive. I want to resize the home partition to free space up for something else. Thank you


Back up files in the clear is the only way then restore them

its using crypt-Luks i only did the /home partition but i need to resize it wont let me. There’s no way:(

No you can’t you need to copy the clear files to another media/partition then redo the partition you want to resize. You can unecrypt but you lose all files.

If it were easy it would not be secure :wink:

  1. Backup “/home”
  2. Boot from live media or rescue media
  3. Delete the partition and recreate, or resize (whatever the software allows). If resizing is not allowed by your software, then you could try writing zeros of the the first few blocks of the partition. Or format the partition as ext4. The idea is to get rid of the LUKS header, which might cause some software to refuse to resize.
  4. Re-encrypt
  5. Restore from backup.
  6. Modify “/etc/fstab” and “/etc/crypttab” as needed to adjust for the changes.