Encrypted drive

I installed a encrpyted drive with no SWAP drive and when I log in it asks to the encrypted password twice? What is the reason ?

I can only guess, because you have not provided any information.

My guess is that “/boot” is part of the encrypted drive. So “grub2” needs the key read its boot menu and related. Once you load the kernel, the kernel also needs the encryption key to access the file system.

If that’s your problem, then see
Avoiding to type the passphrase twice in Leap and Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed has a way of avoiding this by allowing grub to pass the key to the kernel. But this is not available in Leap.

I’ll note that I use encryption. But I have a separate unencrypted partition for “/boot”, so I am only asked once. I’m using “ext4” for the root file system. Having a separate “/boot” is not recommended if you are using “btrfs”.

It sound like you are suggesting that there should not be 2 disk encryption passwords but only one.

I performed a install on Virtualbox and got tte same results. Blank drive andI created no partitions other than a LVM encrtypted drive.

Is it correct that only one disk encryption password should be displayed ?

The question is not clear. A password should never be displayed. But a password request is displayed.

Both grub and the kernel can request the password. But it is the same password, so the request may come twice.

So to be clear the disk encryption password is asked twice, once for the grub and again for the Kernel.

Thanks, Is there a solved or best method for showing an answer post ?