empty files emerge automatically on samba share?

I experience a very strange symptom with my really simple samba share:
When I copy a couple of e.g. JPEG files from my Win XP client to the samba share, numerous empty files (0 bytes) - and with identical base names - get created automatically…

In a bash listing those files look like this:

-rwxr--r-- 1 nobody nobody  698779 Dec 19  2004 000_0002.JPG
-rwxr--r-- 1 nobody nobody       0 Dec 19  2004 000_0002.JPG:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA
-rwxr--r-- 1 nobody nobody  511000 Dec 19  2004 000_0003.JPG
-rwxr--r-- 1 nobody nobody       0 Dec 19  2004 000_0003.JPG:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA

Looking at them from the Windows client looks like that:

19.12.2004  17:19           698,779 000_0002.JPG
19.12.2004  17:19                 0 090LII~0
19.12.2004  17:19           511,000 000_0003.JPG
19.12.2004  17:19                 0 0WD9G3~Q

My smb.conf is as follows:

	server string = Samba Server
	workgroup = FIRENET
	netbios name = BlackHole
	hosts allow = Zorro
	hosts deny = ALL
	security = share
	log level = all:2
	name resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins
	local master = yes

	comment = public general purpouse share
	path = /home/shares/public
	read only = no
	guest ok = yes
	guest only = yes

	comment = public photos share
	path = /home/shares/photos
	read only = no
	guest ok = yes
	guest only = yes

Any comments are highly wellcome!

Sorry, I forgot to mention my system specs:

openSUSE v11.0
samba v3.2.0rc1-22-1-1795-SUSE-SL11.0


Sounds a bit like zone identifier files. Have a read of this:
Samba file transfer creates zone identifier files… - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums
It seems the solution (if your problem is zone identifiers) is to upgrade Samba
The RPM repo is here: ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/samba/STABLE/

Thanks so much!!!
As suggested by you, I simply and only upgraded samba to the current stable version 3.2.2- and the problem was gone :slight_smile:

Excellent. And just for my own education, can you tell me what different treatment or origin might have engendered this behaviour in the offending files?

Nothing special, I believe. What I did was the following:
I transferred those JPEG file from my digital camera (via USB) to some local folder on my Win XP computer. Then I used Windows Explorer, navigated to the folder with these JPEG files, selected all (Ctrl+A) and copy-pasted them to the samba share on my Linux box. I did not use a mapped drive but a network connection in the Network neighbourhood (i.e. \blackhole\pictures).
Then those extra files showed up…

Thanks for that cameo addition to the rich tapestry of life in Linux.