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KMail seems to be the default email client. How could I make the google email ( as my default client for all my applications? Thanks.

The default e-mail client in what? In KDE or in Gnome?

Also, as is a website not an application, you cannot really set this as default mail client I suppose…

I use Thunderbird and is the first account I created, if I want to send a Mail is the default one

Of course you should be able to set as default account in your email client (be it Thunderbird or KMail or whatever).

But the question AIUI was how to set as default email client (instead of KMail) for all applications…

You can try to create a .desktop file in the Desk
Copy this

[Desktop Entry]
Type = Link
Terminal = false
URL = (Your Gmail Url)
Hidden = false
Name = Google.Gmail

And then in systemsettyngs> search> default applications and put the .desktop file created.
Try … maybe it works , I have no other ideas
If you do not go out of the way to cancel it

Try setting ‘firefox’ as the default mail client. Another thing you could do is changing the mime type for the “mailto:”

Yes, I interpret it as the same. I believe the OP does (did?) not quite understand the difference between an e-mail client and the website online mail account.

To OP: If so, you can set it in the e-mail client of your choice, including in KMail, as Wolfi suggests.

Morning Henk,
I’m using KDE. br Simo

I’m using gmail …

Thanks Fraser,

Correct, I’m using the Google online mail account ( Further I’m using Google Chrome browser. I have never been very good with the network settings. Would it be easiest to use KMail to manage my gmail services (in Tumbleweed).

br Simo

There is no way I know of to configure any kind of webmail as the “default email client”

But, if you use any installed email client (not just a link to a website), then that can typically be configured as so.
If your email client choice is Kmail,
Then the KDE instructions to set up Kmail with a Gmail account is at the following link

After your Kmail is working,
Then you can point any configuration in your machine to your Kmail.
For example, you can point your Firefox browser settings to point to Kmail so that if you ever click on on a “sendto:” link in a web page, your Kmail will open automatically with that address automatically populated.


… not as simple an answer as you might expect.

Instead, it is a matter of personal choice.

As for me, I like to go directly to the Webmail site and screen all my mail (I have my own mail server, so I have full control).

That way, I can first delete any spam or potentially malicious e-mail without downloading or opening. I then screen my remaining good mail, delete the things I do not need to keep.

Anything I want to keep, either permanently for reference or temporarily to later get details or reply to it, I then download to my e-mail client and save in appropriate mail folders.

In my case, I use Thunderbird for an e-mail client, and that is set to download the mail from my web server.

Choice of e-mail client is again a personal one. I have been using Thunderbird for decades, so I have just stayed with it, as it does what I want.

I imagine KMail is quite good, as well. At least it is probably even better integrated into the openSUSE Desktop, especially if you run the KDE group’s Plasma Desktop.

You can follow the link Tsu provided to do that.

Any problems, of course, come back here for more help.

Also, when done, come back here to let anyone reading this thread know what you decided and – especially if you choose an e-mail client – which one and what your impressions are.

That will likely help others in the future.

Good luck.

As I said, I use Thunderbird and I have three e-mail accounts.
I still do not understand what you are looking for, and the Google Translator does not help me