Email Client for Embedding Images in 11.1; KDE4?

Does anyone know of an email client for 11.1 (KDE4) that allows one to embed images within the body of a message (as opposed to merely attaching the image).


When composing an e-mail most clients let you select either “Plain Text” or “HTML” format. E-mail with embedded images are usually done with HTML set.

Thanks, Bollo.

Actually, I can tell from my post that I wasn’t as specific as I should have been.

I’m looking for an email client that has an “insert image” button in the menu bar, to enable me to quickly embed photos in the message.

“Claws” for openSUSE has an “insert” button in the menu bar. However, it doesn’t enable you to insert images.

Any leads would be much appreciated.


Just found an email client that fits the bill: Mozilla Thunderbird.