Editing-compositing-dvdauthoring with opensuse

Hi everyone!
I am new to linux and opensuse.
I am looking for a good software for editing video,compositing and dvd authoring.
I would like a professional software.
for example I have seen cinelerra 4.1 but I do not know, how to install it on my opensuse 11.1.
So I would like to install also synfig and qdvdauthor but I do not how to install both.
now I am using kdenlive, but it is not a professional software, but for amateur users it is good!
You know another software?
Can you help me to install cinelerra 4.1, synfig and qdvdauthor?

PS: Where is the difference from suse linux and open suse? and where is the difference from kubuntu and open suse? In this days I have tried kubuntu 9.04 and opensuse 11.1(now I am using it) and I think that open suse is better, but I do not know which is my favorite DE…
The ubuntu users prefer gnome, while the opensuse users prefer kde, but which is the best?
I have used Windows for a lot of time, and now I am confused…

Almost all of the video editing software for Linux is open source and NOT professional. If you wish professional software for Linux you will likely have to pay a lot of money. For example Mistika: SGO Mistika Post Production System
… and its possible that software requires an expert Linux user to install (I do not use it myself - I do not have the money for such software).

If you wish professional video editing software that is not so expensive, then you are better off using video editing software with the MacIntosh or Windows operating systems. Full stop.

Cinelerra 4.1 was only released in late-September-2009 with binaries for Fedora and Ubuntu and not for openSUSE Linux. It may be a while before there is a precompiled rpm for openSUSE. There is a Cinelerra-4.1 tarball but that is NOT for new users to install. I repeat, it is NOT for new users.

qdvdauthor is easy to install. So easy, that I am thinking you need to brush up on some openSUSE basics.

Please read our openSUSE new users stickie: NEW Users - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

and please also read up on some openSUSE Linux concepts: Concepts - openSUSE

In particular, in the new users stickie, please read post # 5 : NEW Users - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums - post#5
ie setup your software package manager repositories with 4 and ONLY 4 repos, which are OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. Just those 4 !! Note there is guidance here for setting up those 4: Repositories/11.1 - openSUSE-Community Again, ONLY OSS, non-OSS, Update and Packman. Its likely OSS, non-OSS, and Update are already added, and you just need to add packman.

Then once that is done, just go to YaST > Software > Software Management, and change the ‘filter’ to ‘search’ and search for and install qdvdauthor. Do the same for “synfig” and also for version-2.1-svn of “cinelerra”.

frankly, kdenlive is about as good as you are going to get with Linux without paying a LOT of money. Cinelerra-4.1 is NOT packaged for openSUSE yet, and also you will find Cinelerra has a horrific non-user friendly interface.

You can read up on more openSource free Linux software for video editing here: Video editing - openSUSE
Note, NONE of that software is professional. If you want professional software in Linux you will pay a LOT of money and you will likely need expert Linux knowledge to install.

Take a look at this wiki for various video software: List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are two versions of SuSE called SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) which are intended for office desktop users and office servers, is packaged by Novell, and they cost money. Those are supported by Novell, and typically have a longer support life. However typically video editors such as those that interest you are NOT packaged for SLED nor SLES. Hence you will IMHO not be able to do what you wish to do with SLED nor with SLES unless you have very advanced Linux knowledge.

On the other hand openSUSE is a version of SuSE that is more the “cutting” edge of Linux, and is available free of cost, and they also try hard to meet the free software foundation of free. (ie free to modify, free to give away … etc … see the links above I provided). Our forum consists of non-paid volunteers who support openSUSE Linux, but we do NOT package openSUSE Linux. One can EASILY install qdvdauthor, cinelerra, … etc … with openSUSE by following the advice I gave above about setting up your Software Package Manager’s repositories.

openSUSE and kbuntu are different Linux distributions. Because Linux software is free (per the free software foundation definition of free) it is packaged in many different ways and varients, and typically packaged into different distributions by different groups of people. openSUSE is packaged by Novell/SuSE-GmbH and Ubuntu packaged by Canonical. Ubuntu uses a different package management scheme than openSUSE, and follows a different philosophy. To go into the details of the differences tends to be very subjective, and can encite flame wars. IMHO its best you learn this yourself and form your own views.

What is better? An apple? A pear ? An orange? That is the type of question you are asking. Neither is better. They are simply different.

Please brush up on the concepts link I provided: Concepts - openSUSE