Edit Grub to show Windows from a different HDD

Hello, I am trying to make this work but can’t seem to get luck on it, I am running the latest Leap version of OpenSUSE KDE but I don’t think this is something “version specific”
My issue is… I have Windows installed in one disk, and Linux installed in another disk (NOT PARTITION), so to start one OS or another I need to specifically select from the BIOS prompt each time what Disk I want to boot the OS from.
How can I add Windows installation to the Grub on OpenSUSE so I can solve this? It seems Suse only recognizes the OS installed in the same Disk as it is and not others…

If you fire up YaST2 -> System -> Boot Loader, on the last tab is the box checked for ‘probe foreign os’, if not check that and save and try boot again…

It is booting method specific.

If one of your two systems (Windows or openSUSE) is using traditional BIOS/MBR booting, but the other is using UEFI booting, then this is not going to work.

Oh thanks, that would be the problem then because the option mentioned about Foreign OS is active.
Well, I think I will need to get more coherence when installing different OS even on differente Disks.

Thanks for the answers!