eclipse/tomcat on 11.2

I downloaded and extracted the latest versions of Eclipse and Tomcat to /usr/local/ and both run fine on its own.

But when I try to add Tomcat to Eclipse as a server run-time I select Apache Tomcat6 in the list, set the path to the dir where Tomcat is and I click Finish, nothing happens… :\

I set my user account to be the owner of both the eclipse as the tomcat files.

Anyone got a clue on this?

Are you SURE that Eclipse is otherwise working correctly? There’s a known problem running Eclipse in a KDE environment in that button clicks are ignored. One way to test is to use the keyboard combination for activating the button. E.g. try Alt-F for that Finish button. (Or if another Alt combination is clearly indicated for the Finish button, try that.)

The solution for the “buttons don’t work” problem, is to start Eclipse from a link to the application that includes the command


before calling the Eclipse executable.

Good luck.

I do in with this software is web development in java so I guess this was not the only button not function but I didn’t test it that thoroughly.

anyway, it is working now thanx :slight_smile: