[Eclipse] Install eclipse.


I want to install eclipse (java development kit) in my opensuse leap 42.1 but I can’t find a rpm file. I have found a tar.gz file but I don’t know how to install it(there is no configure file in the package).

Please Help me.

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This is taken from my memory, hasn’t “installed” it for a year or two.
Download the tar.gz file(s) and unpack it to a folder. It might be your user’s ~/bin/ folder. There will probably be a sub folder like eclipse/
From this ~/bin/eclipse/ folder you can link the eclipse runnable file to ~/bin folder if you are one of us terminal-fans, or you can link the eclips program (~/bin/eclipse/eclipse) to ~/Desktop folder like us GUI-fans.

Thanks for your answer.

I don’t think that this is a install procedure because I have only used the run file from tar.gz.

If this is the only way how can do the links.

you can find repackaged rpm’s here

personally I think it’s better to get it from the horses mouth, unpack the tar ball and move it somewhere in your home folder there is no need to install it system-wide with an rpm,
another thing to try is alien
and convert the tar ball to rpm (see man alien)

For as long as I can remember the “better” solution has always been to download the version of eclipse you want from the official website.
Note that there are <many> versions of eclipse to choose from.
After you unpack the tar.gz file as described by others, you’ll still likely need to make some manual configurations, the most common I remember is to configure paths to your selected Java (if you’re coding Java).


thanks I did like you said and it works fine

But why do I have to add the path of java I think that eclipse has already find my java version without interfering

because there are at least 2 java versions that come with opensuse 3 if you install Oracle’s, and don’t forget to install the -devel files openSUSE’s java distribution is called openjdk but it’s a runtime ie a jre not a jdk you will need
they might not be installed you can always get them with zypper

zupper in java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel java-1_8_0-openjdk-devel 

Thanks a lot guys

if I installe eclipse java ide with tar.gz and I want to add c++ how can I do it.


Besides your system paths and the openSUSE ability to auto-configure Java, there are settings in Eclipse which need to be configured as well.


All eclipse can generally be modified to support additional scenarios outside its downloaded package.

Your question can probably be best found in the eclipse documentation, but IIRC you would generally go into the menu “About…” browse the plugins and install what you want. Not all possible plugins might be displayed, documentation might provide some URI to manually insert in the plugin path.

I’d probably also advise you to install the various C development tools available in openSUSE (see YAST > Software Management > Patterns > Development Tools)