Easytag showing no tags when connected to NFS share.

I have been trying to identify a problem I have experienced with some tagged music files.

Much of my music collection is of opera recordings comprising flac files ripped from my CDs. Because tagging of works such as operas, which uses an on line database, is of very varied quality, I usually edit the tagged files myself using Easytag. My data set is a master set held on my workstation. Once edited and tagged as wanted, it is copied to a NAS medai server on a NAS using Luckybackup which is based on rsync.

Because I had been having problems and had some doubts about whether edits to metadata tags alone had been detected and copied by the Luckybackup process I thought I would try using Easytag directly on the data of the files in the NAS. The NAS has nfs enabled and so I was able to access the NAS files but when I went to these using Easytag no tagging was shown.

Is there a switch I have forgotten which might have caused this problem? Has me beaten as I have used Easytag on another NFS share without problem.
Can somebody please help?

I know nothing about your Easytag (or your operas). I assume it is important to understand wher ethose tags are stored. Are they in the same files as the music (I doubet). And when they are not, you should of course also copy those file with rsync. Can you find those “tag file” on the NFS mounted file systems? On the same place relative to the music files they belong to?

Sorry, I had a high priority event: my wife called me for dinner.

The more I read your post, the more questions arise.

It should not matter at all if the music files and/or the easytag files are on an NFS mounted file system on your system. NFS mounting does not differ from other mounting, they all are part of the buildup of the directory tree of your running system. For users programs there is no difference between files that are on one file system mounted or another and there is no difference between Btrfs, ext4, NFS, xfs, etc. Except when they are non-Linux file systems like VAT and other MS friends.

This brings me to my first question. While an NFS mounted file system basically supports POSIX in terms of user: group and permissions, what is the underlying file system on the NAS?

Next is of course if, what means “using Easytag directly on the files on the NAS”? Where are those file normally and how do you tell Easytag to use another place?

Then, I have no idea how that database works. But when one of the items stored there is the absolute path of the music file the tags belong to, then that relation will be broken when you move things to another place.

Part of what I write above may be invalid because og my lack of Easytag knowledge, but I hope it will trigger some thoughts.

And you are sure that the files were tagged already?



Hi and yes absolutely. All very strange. I have been working temporarily on laptop with NFS share from my workstation which holds the main database. I had been getting errors in my NAS data which is served by minimserver on the NAS.

I suspected that my rsync of data from main database to the NAS was suspect because minor changes to tags might not have been “noticed” by rsync so thought I would look at the tagging on the NAS files themselves and this is what prompted my post because no tags were showing.

The tags are however visible from control point albeit still containing the original errors as served by minimserver. I must concentrate on the original tagging problem for now but will come back to this when I have checked my permissions etc.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Budge,

It is indeed hard to track your issue without detailed output. Just a wild guess, could it be related to different tag versions? I don’t use Easytag nor luckybackup nor rsync although I’d wonder that rsync could miss such a detail. I’m using KID3 and unison also with NFS without issues. KID3 shows different versions of ID3 tags i.e. ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.4.0. Can you tell both are filled in resp. missing?
Or can you show terminal output / screenshots of the exact differences you are seing?